Monday, 17 March 2008

Pic Lens - add on to Mozilla Firefox...

Just discovered a brilliant add-on to the Mozilla Firefox browser - called Pic Lens it's a wee tiny button at that gets loaded to the top of your toolbars and if you launch it you get to browse Flickr, Google, Yahoo, Photobucket etc on a lovely gentle black background all the images you can the bottom of the screen are a series of dots which if you put your cursor over them tyou can swing the wall of images across the screen and more appear in a never ending wall of images of your search parameters, seamlessly refreshed and added toas you go...a good way to view images instead of clicking through many stuff. I'm a fan.

Go to:

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Thing #30 LOL cat things....

Not being a cat person I am really not into this one at all...yeah, yeah, cute and all that but really?! (I'm a Leo but not a cat person..but I'm the one they all sit on ...go figure...)...anyway, I sussed out the sites as instructed and thought the Lolcats "n" Funny Pictures was the best of an ordinary time wasting bunch...thought this one was ok...:Humorous Pictures
Enter the ICHC online Poker Cats Contest!

Revisiting Thing #45 Mind maps & Flow charts

Yesterday i did a Tafe short course in Travel Writing -really good fun and very interesting and helpful. until now I couldn't really think of a good application for me for flow charts, but now i think i might be able to apply them to writing a travel article and planning it and how it flows and links within itself...when I've written one I'll let you know....Scully

Thing #28 Magazine covers

YEah, this is fun...another image generator called OnCoverPage but magazine cover oriented this time. Here's my effort and I've pub'd it to Flickr too as suggested. Very easy, cute. Scully

#Thing 26 Your Minis...are wasting my time...

Hmmmm....thought this one was a bit useless - well to me anyway. I created a page of mini widgets - calendar, link to Flickr, to do list, etc but they just get in the way for me. Besides, on my Browser toolbar (above & below) i have all the sites & programs I use all the time on the toolbars as links anyway - so i only have to click them once and i'm where I want to be or in the program i want to be. The widgets are just distractions really - well, to me I'm not going to use this element of web 2.0 thank you very much! Scully

#Thing 25 Letterpop! Newsletters online...

Well, I've just created a daggy little newsletter of photos (wasn't in a text mood) on Letterpop! not a bad idea to have available at all...i can think of an immediate use - My mum is President of her golf club and has to do a monthly newsletter - so I'll show it to her and get her to have a fiddle too and see if she can't liven up her monthly attempts. It's pretty easy, so go on, have a try! the link to my attempt is here:

Thing #24 Zim zal a din....Zamzar's R Ace!

Just converted a file using the online file conversion site and it is SOOOO helpful for our problematic public pc user's who bring in all sorts of weird file extension files that just don't want to open, be recognised, print on our systems. So thank you Oh Higher Being for providing us with Zamzar. Yay!!! I love Web 2.0! (However it did take a little bit of time, for the converted file to arrive in my inbox...but only a teeny weeny criticism.) Scully

I've been doing a few other Things whilst I wait for the files to come through and now 15mins on still not here....bit of a disappointment.